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Principal’s Message

Welcome to Muqyyath Sha SirguroWakf Board College!

Muqyyath Sha SirguroWakf Board College has lived up to its mission of producing competent individuals capable of meeting challenges in line with the growing needs of the society. Our college endeavors to build a learning community that strives for excellence in the moral, spiritual, intellectual and physical spheres of the individual. It caters to the needs of more than 2000 students, with 14 undergraduate and 2 postgraduate programmes.TheP.G. department of English is recognized as Research Centre.

As an experienced academician with nearly four decades of service, I keenly support positive role that Muqyyath Sha SirguroWakf Board College plays in today’s society. In thecontemporary national and global scenarios, we at Muqyyath Sha SirguroWakf Board College try to translate the pursuit of excellence into a way of life. Our Campus is blessed with dedicated Staff committed to this mission of providing students with quality education at an affordable cost, nurturing their minds towards holistic development. We also aim to bring out the talents in every student and encourage them to explore the manifold possibilities of their respective disciplines while reveling in the joy of learning. Our sincere effort is to provide our students with a space to refine their creative and critical sensibilities, realize their dreams and potential in life.

We provide a balanced environment, where the focus is on shaping students into the leaders of tomorrow by offering them comprehensive education through developmental approaches, modern teaching strategies and student enrichment platforms. Recognizing the varied learning skills of the student community, we try to foster a unique need-based culture to address the diverse learning community at Muqyyath Sha SirguroWakf Board College.

Our website is a window to our lively college community. Our vision is to work in collaboration with all stakeholders to create a positive and inclusive environment conducive to quality learning, and a teaching environment grounded in principles, values and integrity. We instill in students the attitude and aptitude for making the most of their education. Muqyyath Sha SirguroWakf Board College thereby lives on, through its pledge Enter to Learn and Leave to Serve

Smt. M.S. Sangeetha, I.A.S.,

District Collector, Madurai

Secretary & Correspondent

Muqyyath Sha Sirguro Wakf Board College, Madurai.

Dr. S.A.N. Shazuli Ibrahim

M.Com., M.Phil., Ph.D.,M.B.A., SLET., PGDCA.
Principal (In Charge)


Our Vision :

Our Vision is to uplift the economically and socially backward sections of society, in general, and Islamic community in particular, to offer them the best type of education possible at the affordable cost and make them responsible and reliable citizens of tomorrow.

Our Mission :

Our Mission is to impart sound knowledge to all-irrespective of religion, caste, language, creed and sex and inculcate in them the spirit of selfless service, spiritual enlightenment with religious tolerance and create a society, free from the ills of illiteracy and communal hatred. In Short, we aim at making the student physically strong, intellectually alert, morally courageous, spiritually fortified and religiously tolerant.